Vasa Trainers and Ergometers are used by swimmers, triathletes, surfers, paddlers, and those seeking overall total fitness.


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 VASA Trainers and Ergometers

Vasa Trainers and Ergometers are used by swimmers, triathletes, surfers, paddlers, and those seeking overall total fitness.



“We use the Vasa Trainer on a regular basis, 3 times per week. We feel that it is very specific to swimming, especially with the catch and the finish of the stroke. What we like about it is that you can gradually increase the resistance and gradually increase the angle so the swimmer’s power and strength increases throughout the season. We have a well-planned out program of repetitions and increases in resistance as the season goes on…we use the Vasa Trainer to focus on good, specific swimming technique. You can really practice a great high elbow catch, which is essential in all strokes, most specifically for freestyle and butterfly.” – Mark Schubert, Head Coach, University of Southern California, 2000 U.S. Olympic Coach


“The Vasa Trainer has become an important part of our dryland training program. We use the Vasa Trainer to successfully transition overall body strength to specific swimming movements and speeds. Ultimately the goal of dryland training for swimmers is to perform faster. The Vasa product has been an important part of our team’s successes… I am excited to be working with you and your product.” – David Marsh, Head Coach, Auburn University, 1996 USA Olympic Coach, 1997 Men’s NCAA Coach of the Year


“I wanted to let you know that we have been using your Vasa Trainer and we are very happy with the results that we are getting. The training effects are great, but much to my pleasant surprise, we are getting a great bonus in the area of technique instruction. Not only does the swimmer get to anchor their hands and move their body past their hands as is the case in the water, but we are able to correct ‘Dropped Elbows’ which is probably the greatest error made by swimmers all over the world. We have found that by correcting this mistake on your machine, we have reduced slippage underwater. I am very happy with your equipment, and I recommend it enthusiastically to swimming coaches everywhere.” – Nort Thornton, Head Swim Coach University of California- Berkeley


“We use the Vasa Trainer swim benches for what we call ‘lane A’, where the athletes do circuit training. They start out in ‘lane A’ using the Vasa Trainers and then they go into the pool for butterfly, back, breast, freestyle, kicking, and high speed swimming. We incorporate the total team.
I have 7 Vasa Trainers now and someday I hope to have another 3 or 4. I keep them along the pool deck at Germantown. Dollar for dollar, it’s definitely the best machine made. I was a precision machinist by trade and I know what good workmanship is when I see it.” – Richard Shoulberg, Germantown Academy, 1992 Olympic Coach, Sports Performance and Conditioning

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