The best place to get support for our products is by navigating to your product in FAQ, or view the supporting links in the Product Pages. There is a lot of helpful information and it will hopefully answer any questions you have.

Skin Socks

What are the Skin Socks made of? The Skin Socks are a nylon and spandex blend that helps reduce irritation. The material is also very thin so its breathable and not bulky.

Is the Skin Sock just for swimming? The Skin Sock may be used for many sorts of activity, but is very effective when used with fins.

What does the Skin Sock do for swimmers? The Skin Sock is great for adding comfort to swimmer's feet inside of fins. It also prevents blisters and chafing that fins sometimes cause. Skin Socks are also used if your fins are slightly too big to help them fit tighter.


Dry Top

What is the purpose of the Dry Top? It is designed to keep water from entering the snorkel when submerged vertically.

How does it work? A buoy inside rises when submerged to keep the snorkel dry.

Does it make it more difficult to breathe? No, the buoy falls back down when out of the water to allow for easy breathing.

Does it come with instructions? Yes, the Dry Top comes with instructions outlining removal and attachment.

Does it work for all snorkels? The dry top is only for the Swimmer's Snorkel, Swimmer's Snorkel Jr and Glide Snorkels.


Head Bracket

Is it comfortable to use? The head bracket has padding where it touches the forehead and is adjustable in size.

Does it work with any snorkel? The head bracket works with the Swimmer's Snorkel, Swimmer's Snorkel Jr., Glide Snorkel, and the Freestyle Snorkel. The Youth Swimmer's snorkel requires the Youth Head Bracket.


Purge Valve

What is the purpose of the purge valve? It allows water to escape from the snorkel easily without letting any enter.

The purge valve is dirty, what can I do? The purge valve is very simple to remove. You just need to pop it out and rinse it under fresh water to remove any dirt or debris.

Does it work on any snorkel? The purge valve is compatible with the Swimmer's Snorkel, Swimmer's Snorkel Jr, and Swimmer's Snorkel Youth.

Does the Purge Valve come in different sizes? No, the Simmer's Snorkel, Swimmer's Snorkel Jr, and Swimmer's Snorkel Youth all use the same Purge Valve. Prior to 2012, the Swimmer's Snorkel Youth required a smaller purge valve; at that time Purge Valves were bright green.

Hydrospeed Racing Dome Caps

How does the Hydrospeed Dome Cap differ from other caps? The Hydrospeed Dome Cap is made from an ultra thin racing fabric which has a much smaller coefficient of friction than either silicone or latex caps.

Racing Dome = 0.032 Silicone = 0.20-0.70 Latex = 0.25-0.75

What sizes do the Hydrospeed Racing Dome Caps come in? The Hydrospeed Racing Dome Cap is available in three sizes for a proper fit.

Is the cap FINA Approved? Yes the Hydrospeed Dome Cap is FINA approved.


Spandex, Silicone, Latex Caps

Which caps are best for race/training swimming? Spandex Caps are the most comfortable for beginners and fitness swimmers. Silicone and Latex caps are best for fitness swimming and race-training. They will reduce drag, keep your hair out of your face, and reduce hair damage from chemicals and sunlight. Hydrospeed Racing Caps or Silicone Dome Caps are best for racing, as they produce less drag than traditional Spandex, Latex, or Silicone Caps.

Will these keep my hair from getting wet in the water? No, they will not. Swim caps are not completely waterproof, but do reduce exposure to chemicals and sunlight to help keep your hair healthy.

What sizes do the caps come in? All of the caps are one size fits all. They are very stretchy so they accommodate most swimmers, even those with larger heads or thicker hair.

How can I ensure the cap will stay on when I am in the water? The Spandex Cap has an elastic edge to keep it tight at the edges. The Latex and Silicone Caps have a rippled texture at the edges to hold them in place; this prevents slipping very well.

I have a lot of hair, will these caps hold all of it? Yes, most of the time. We recommend first putting your hair in a bun high on the back of your head before putting the cap on.

Swim Parachute

What are the different parachute sizes? There are two sizes: red - 8 inches in diameter, and navy - 12 inches in diameter. The smaller size is better for smaller swimmers or distance-swimmers. The larger size is better for larger swimmers or sprinters.

Why is resistance training a good idea? Resistance training helps provide a great workout. It is proven to build muscle, increase endurance and boost speeds in a way that the results can be immediately felt once the parachute is removed.

What strokes can I use it for? It is good for all four strokes as well as working on kicking and flip turns.


Technique Training Belt

Can I use all four strokes with it? Yes, you can definitely use all four strokes with the Technique Training Belt. Using this belt, it encourages good form and prevents over exertion.

Will the belt fit my wingspan? Yes, the belt has adjustable resistance cords to fit all swimmers.


Dryland Cords

Why are Dryland Cords used? Dryland Cords are great for stretching your arms, shoulders and back to prevent common swimming-related injuries.


Charging a.   Charge your unit fully before first use b.   Device will turn off automatically when battery is depleted c.   Low Battery (blinking RED light) d.   Charging (blinking GREEN light) e.   Fully Charged (solid GREEN light)

How do I play music? a.   On: Press and Hold for 3 seconds, solid GREEN light b.   Off: Press and Hold for 3 seconds, blinking GREEN light c.   Play: Single Press, GREEN light blinks once every 3 seconds d.   Pause: Single Press, GREEN light will blink twice every 3 seconds e.   Advance: Single Press plays next song f.    Volume Down: Press and Hold to decrease volume. blinking GREEN light g.   Replay Current Song: Single Press to play current song from beginning h.   Backward: Double Press to play previous song(s) i.   Volume Up: Press and Hold to increase volume, blinking GREEN light j.   Random Play On: Press and Hold for 3 seconds, blinking GREEN light k.  Random Play Off: Press and Hold for 3 seconds, solid GREEN light

How do you convert songs to make them compatible for the Duo? •    Drag and drop all songs from the FINIS drive to iTunes •    Add the column KIND to iTunes, this displays the song format

◦    To add a column, right click over a column name. A drop-down menu will appear, check KIND

•    If the song is in improper format, right click the song to display a drop-down menu

◦    Click “create MP3 version”, this creates another copy of the song in a MP3 format that is compatible with FINIS devices

•    Once all songs are in the proper format clear FINIS drive and drag new MP3 files to the FINIS drive •   IF ''Create AAC encoder'' is displaying instead of “Create MP3 version”, on a MAC, please follow the instructions below:

◦    Click the “iTunes” label next to the apple icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, select “Preferences…” ◦    Under the General tab, click “Import Settings” ◦    Under Import Using: change “AAC Encoder” to “MP3 Encoder” ◦    Once the settings are changed, please proceed with the above directions to convert improper formats to MP3

•    IF ''Create AAC encoder'' is displaying instead of “Create MP3 version”, on a PC, please follow the instructions below:

◦    Click the “half shaded box” located in the upper left corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, select “Preferences…” ◦    Under the General tab, click “Import Settings” ◦    Under Import Using: change “AAC Encoder” to “MP3 Encoder” ◦    Once the settings are changed, please proceed with the above directions to convert improper formats to MP3

Why is my Duo not playing music after I transferred songs? There may have been a non-compatible song downloaded on the device. Please be sure all songs are converted to MP3 format before uploading to the device.

What unsupported audio files cannot be uploaded on the Duo? •    Protected: MP3, AAC (or purchased) and WMA are not supported or playable. •    Books downloaded from Audile are not supported or playable. •    MP3 files need to be 1000 KBS or higher. Anything lower is considered a short cut file.

How do I care for my unit? a.    Rinse ​Duo with fresh water after every use. b.    Pat dry and store in safe, cool, dry environment. c.    Do not place ​Duo in direct sunlight to dry. This may cause damage to the casing, battery and charging pins. d.    Do not use sharp objects, such as fingernails, to depress buttons as this could puncture surface and lead to water damage.​ e.    Duo is waterproof to 10ft or 3m and can be safely used in swimming pools, lakes, oceans or any fresh/salt bodies of water. f.    Do not attempt to charge or connect while wet, USB Magnetic Dock is not waterproof. g.    Recommended:Keep the charging gold connectors clean by using a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to prevent residue build-up. ​


Tempo Trainer Pro

What does each mode do? •   Mode 1 | Stroke Mode - Dictate how many strokes per lap. Single beep between 0.20-99.99 seconds. How to use it: Set at .65 to start. Put your right hand in the water every time it beeps. •   Mode 2 | Lap Pacing - How to use it: Set at 18 seconds. At the end of your 25 yard lap you should hear a beep. Swim faster or slower to stay on pace. •   Mode 3 | Set in Terms of Strokes Per Minute. How to use it: Set to 80 strokes a minute to start. If it is too slow, increase the strokes per minute.

Can I change the battery? Yes, you can change the battery in the new Tempo Trainer Pro. It requires a CR1620 3V battery as a replacement. Simply take a small coin and unscrew the back and place the new battery inside after removing the old one.

Can the Tempo Trainer Pro be used for other sports? Most definitely! The Tempo Trainer Pro comes with a clip on the back that can be used for sports such as running, golf, or even hiking.

What is the purpose of Sync mode? Many athletes typically synch Mode 1 or 2 to a pace clock or watch to help get live pacing feedback during a workout. For example, if the Tempo Trainer Pro is set to 00:14 in Mode 2 (14 seconds), you can press and release button [A] at any point. Doing so will cause the device to give a triple beep, and the 14-second interval will be reset and started again from the time you pressed button [A].



Why is my Neptune freezing? If the Neptune is freezing or running slow, there may be non-compatible songs on the device. With the Neptune plugged into the computer, open up the "FINIS" drive and make sure the 'Type' column is visible to view the song types. Delete any non-compatible songs off of the "FINIS" Drive.

Neptune Song Type

If your Neptune continues to freeze, you may need to reset the unit. Press and hold the 'Back' Button for 12 seconds. The Neptune will automatically power off.

I am listening to an audio book on my Neptune in 'Play All' mode, but the chapters are not playing in order? If you need the audio books or songs to play in order (while in 'Play All' mode), ensure that you copy a folder of songs and not each song individually onto the FINIS drive.

My Neptune does not have 8 hours of playback time. Am I doing something wrong? By default the Neptune will have 8+ hours of playback, but the amount of playback time will vary based on volume you set on the Neptune. The higher the volume, the less playback you will have. Having the screen active will also reduce the playback time. To optimize battery life, navigate to the settings, change the Screen Saver to 10 seconds and the Power Save to 1 minute.

I am using a Mac OS and it says that my Neptune is full even after I've deleted all the songs. What am I doing wrong? You will need to empty out your trash after deleting songs to free up the deleted space on your Neptune. This needs to be done while your Neptune is plugged into your computer before disconnecting.

Can I create a playlist on my Neptune? Yes, you can create a playlist of your favorite music by adding new files to the 'Favorites' list as you listen to them on the Neptune. To add the current playing song to the 'Favorites' playlist: •   At the playback screen, press and hold the return button to display the options menu. •   Press the up/down arrow to highlight add to favorites. •   Press the play/pause to add the current song to the favorites playlist. •   Display will read 'Added to Favorites Successfully'. •   Repeat the above steps to add more songs.To listen to the favorites playlist: •   Navigate to the high-level music menu. •   Press the up/down arrow to highlight favorites. Press play/pause to select the favorites menu option. •   To playback all songs use the up/down arrow to highlight 'play all songs' and press the play/pause to select. •   To playback a particular song use the up/down arrow to highlight the particular song you wish to play and press the play/pause to select."

Where do I register my Neptune for warranty purposes? You can register your Neptune at

Do you have an easy walkthrough to load songs onto my unit? Yes, below are walkthroughs for iTunes, Windows Media Player, as well as how to convert purchased songs from iTunes.

•   You can choose to load audio files to Neptune through iTunes® on a PC or Mac. Simply drag and drop MP3, AAC or WMA music directly from iTunes® onto the "FINIS" drive. •   As soon as you plug Neptune into your computer's USB port, the computer will automatically recognize the device as a new "FINIS" disc drive. •   For PC Users: The new removable disc drive will appear in the 'My Computer' menu. •   For Mac Users: The new removable disc drive will appear on your desktop as "FINIS." Or will be located in the 'Finder' under devices. •   Find iTunes® on your computer that includes the desired MP3, AAC or WMA song formats. •   Drag the desired songs onto the "FINIS" disk drive. •   As soon as you drop the desired songs onto the new disc drive, the transfer will automatically start and a status bar will appear showing the current progress. •   While transferring, the display will show 'Transferring' on the Neptune display. To confirm that your songs have been successfully copied to Neptune, open up the new "FINIS" disc drive and check that all the intended songs were transferred.

◦    TIP: Playlist folders cannot be dragged and dropped from iTunes®. You will need to drag the song file(s). ◦    TIP: Make sure the 'Kind' column is showing so you can easily identify the song types which are compatible with the Neptune. This is located in the 'View' tab. Select 'View Options' and make sure the 'Kind' option is checked. Neptune cannot play song files that read 'Purchased AAC Audio File' or 'Protected AAC Audio File'. ◦    TIP: Converting Purchased Songs in iTunes: With the iTunes® program open, to convert the desired track, right click and select 'Create MP3 Version'.

•   You will notice that a second copy of that song will be created as a MPEG audio file. You can now drag the MPEG files to the "FINIS" drive. You can choose to load audio files to Neptune through the Windows Media Player program on a PC. With Neptune plugged into your computer, the new disk drive will automatically recognize in the Windows Media Player menu. •   Open the Windows Media Player music library. •   Plug in Neptune, the new "FINIS" disc drive will automatically be recognized in the 'Sync' tab. •   Select the desired songs or playlists you want to upload to the device. •   Drag them onto the new "FINIS" disk drive. •   Press the 'Start Sync' button as soon as all the songs are setup for transfer. •   You will be able to watch the progress of the transfer and be notified upon completion. •   Please note: After loading songs using Window Media Player, an automated .xml document will appear on "FINIS" disk drive. Do not delete the .xml document unless removing all of the songs from the player.

How do I care for my unit? •   Rinse Neptune with fresh water after every use. •   Pat dry and store in safe, cool, dry environment. •   Do not place Neptune in direct sunlight to dry. This may cause damage to the casing, battery and charging pins. •  Take care to NOT depress buttons with sharp edges such as a fingernail. Sharp edges may puncture the button surface and cause water damage. •  Neptune device is waterproof to 10ft or 3m and can be safely used in swimming pools, lakes, oceans or any fresh/salt bodies of water. •  Open the clips on the side unit and slide up onto your goggle straps. Make sure the unit is flush against your head. •  It is recommended that the bone conduction speakers be placed in front of the ear and not over your ear, resting against your temple bone for ideal clarity. •  Neptune is best heard underwater. Wearing ear plugs will not only block noise you hear above the water, but will also enhance the listening experience.

Alignment Kickboard

Can the Alignment Kickboard be used underwater? Yes, it is designed to be used both underwater and on top of the water to encourage correct body alignment.

Can it be used with all four strokes? The Alignment Kick-board is great for standard kicking in all four competitive strokes, one arm drills and side kicking.


Foam Kickboard

What are they made of? EVA Foam

How do you use them? Use them with arms stretched out all the way in front and kick continuously.

What is the difference between FINIS kickboards and other kickboards? FINIS kickboards are made out of foam rather than microcell.


Foam Pull Buoy

What are they made of? EVA Foam.

What shape is the pull buoy? Figure eight, designed to be comfortably held between the thighs.

How do I use the Foam Pull Buoy? Place between your legs around mid-thigh.

What is the purpose of the Pull Buoy? The purpose is to allow the swimmer to completely focus on their arms during a swim, while supporting the hips/legs. The Buoy allows your legs to remain in alignment with your body without needing to kick.

How do I adjust my goggles? For correct fitting, remove goggles from packaging and position the lenses over your eyes. Press gently to see if there is a slight suction effect, which indicates proper fit on the eye sockets. Stretch the strap over your head, and position the strap just above the center of the back of your head to prevent shifting/leakage. Tighten straps by pulling gently until goggles feel snug. To loosen, use the button-release (if available, depending on the goggle features) or remove goggles to loosen the strap through a traditional buckle-style clip. To remove goggles, put thumbs under head strap at the side of head. Slide thumbs to the back of head and remove strap. To adjust the strap, pull either end of the strap to tighten or loosen. How to I care for my goggles? Never wipe the inside of the lenses or apply antifog solutions, as this may damage the antifog coating. To extend the life of your goggles, keep lenses free from dirt and grease. Transport them carefully to prevent scratching the lenses. Rinse goggles in cold water after each use and hang to dry. Do not store goggles while wet or in moist areas, as mold might accumulate in high-moisture environments. Do not leave goggles outside, in sunlight, or inside your car. Warning/Eye Safety Never pull eye cup away from face. Goggles may spring back and cause eye damage. Goggles may be used for competitive racing starts from starting blocks, but are not recommended for any form of diving. Do not use below 2 meters. If irritation or injury occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Children should use with adult supervision and be instructed on proper use. All users of this product assume risks resulting from use, whether proximate or remote, there may be risk of injury. Neither manufacturer or seller of this product assumes liability.

Tech Toc

Can the Tech Toc help with my hip rotation when I swim? Yes, when used correctly the Tech Toc can provide feedback on hip rotation while swimming all four strokes, listen to the Toc!

What does the Tech Toc do? It indicates your rotation rhythm with an audible sound so that you have feedback about the symmetry and timing of your rotation.


Hydro Hip

How does the Hydro Hip work? Position the belt around the smallest part of your waist so that the fins are directly on the sides of your hips and tighten the belt securely. As you swim, the blades will create resistance as they enter/exit the water to increase resistance, making your rotation stronger. The Hydro hip is also good for breaststroke - forcing the swimmers hands out as they pass the body.

Mermaid, Atlantis, & Aquarius

What is this fin used for?

  •   Preparation for future in swimming as a sport (dolphin-kicking is a critical stroke for competitive swimmers).
  •   Great for strengthening the back, core, and leg muscles.
  •   Increases ankle flexibility.
  •   Improves kick-technique for more efficient, easier swimming.
  •   Better flexibility reduces the risk of future ankle injury.
  •   Inspire Imagination & Fun in the water.
  •   Encourage them to play in the water more often to keep swimming skills & confidence strong.

How to put on the fin? Slip your feet into the footpocket and wrap the footstrap around your heel. Pull tight on the ends of the footstrap for a secure fit. Thread the end of the footstrap through the retainer ring.

My fin keeps falling off while I swim? Keep in mind the Aquarius is not a performance monofin, but rather a pool toy. We wanted to ensure safety comes first. The single footstrap design makes it easy to eject the feet when in distress. As a result, the fin may tend to fall off easier, especially when the users separate their feet.Tips to help prevent from falling off:

  • Make sure you kick with your feet together. Having one foot kick later than the other will cause the footstrap to slip.
  • Concentrate on kicking with both legs at the same time.
  • Ensure the footstrap is high on the back of the heels.
  • Push the feet as far into the footpocket as possible.
  • Tighten the footstrap. The footstrap is made of a flexible silicone, so you can probably get it one more notch tighter.
  • Try tightening the footstrap without the feet inside the footpocket. Then move the footstrap down and out of the way while you slip your feet securely in place inside the footpocket. Then flip the footstrap up and around the heels.
  • Swim in a slow undulating motion. Too fast of a tempo may cause the fin to slip off. A slow, full-body dolphin like motion will help keep the fin aligned to your foot.
  • Avoid pushing off walls or surfaces with the fin. The wall will create a suction that may suck the fin right off your feet. It may also damage the fin or the wall!

Materials and more. Materials: Footpocket = TPR (thermo-plastic rubber), Blade = PP (poly-propylene), Footstrap = Silicone. USE ONLY WITH ADULT SUPERVISION. Do not use where water is too deep for ability. All users of this product assume risks associated from its use. Whether proximate or remote, there may be a risk of injury or death. Neither manufacturer nor seller of this product assumes any liability.



Can my entire team train with the Competitor Monofin? It is recommended to use the Competitor as part of a circuit with only one person in a lane at a time.

What age is the Competitor Monofin recommended for? The Competitor Monofin is designed for use by athletes over 18 years old.



Can my entire team train with the Shooter Monofin? It is recommended to use the Shooter as part of a circuit with only one person in a lane at a time.

What age is the Shooter Monofin recommended for? The Shooter Monofin is designed for use by athletes over 14 years old.



Can my entire team train with the Trainer Monofin? It is recommended to use the Trainer as part of a circuit with only one person in a lane at a time.

What age is the Trainer Monofin recommended for? The Trainer Monofin is designed for use by athletes over 18 years old.



Can my entire team train with the Foil Monofin? Yes, the Foil is the first practical Monofin designed specifically for a whole team. Its comfortable design, soft rubber edges, and price allow for entire teams to practice the fin as often as they need to.

Why should I use the Foil as compared to regular split fins for my dolphin kick training? Underwater dolphin kicking is becoming an increasingly important aspect of all competitive pool swimming.

What age is the Foil Monofin recommended for? The Foil Monofin is designed for use by athletes of any age or ability.

Instinct Paddles

What are the benefits of the Instinct Paddles? The Instinct Paddles teach a proper palm-positive hand position while sculling. In fact, the paddles will fall off if not performing the correct stroke mechanics. As a result, the paddles heighten stroke awareness and emphasize stroke imperfections, making it easier to identify and correct technique.

What does “palm-positive” mean? Maintaining positive pressure against the water for the paddle to remain in place while sculling, the swimmer must continually push their palm against the water in order to create the proper traction and scull.

How do the Instinct Paddles stay on if they are strapless? The ergonomic shape of the paddle is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand. With constant palm-positive pressure on the water, the paddles will remain in place throughout the sculling motion. During the recovery phase of the stroke, the user simply squeezes between the forefinger and thumb to ensure the paddles do not slip off.

Why should I use the Instinct Paddles in place of a traditional sculling paddle? The strapless design of the paddles heightens stroke awareness and emphasizes stroke imperfections, making it easier to identify and correct technique. The convex design encourages the paddle to have increased traction with the water. Swimmers also do not have to worry about broken or replacement paddle tubing with the Instinct Paddles.

What strokes are the Instinct Paddles meant for? The Instinct paddles are beneficial for all four strokes and sculling drills, encouraging an early vertical forearm catch

Thumb Position

Instinct Thumb Position


Agility Paddles

What are the benefits of the Agility Paddle? The Agility Paddles teach proper palm- positive hand position, thus creating more propulsion and maximizing your efficiency.

What does “palm-positive” mean? Maintaining positive pressure against the water for the paddle to remain in place.

How do the Agility Paddles stay on if they are strapless? The ergonomic shape of the paddle is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand. The convex design encourages the paddle to have increased traction with the water. With constant palm-positive pressure on the water, the paddles will remain in place.

What strokes are the paddles meant for? The Agility paddles are beneficial for all four strokes, encouraging an early vertical forearm catch.

Why should I use the Agility Paddle in place of a traditional paddle? The paddle is designed for both physical conditioning and technical training.

Thumb Position

Agility Thumb Position


Bolster Paddle

What is the Bolster Paddle meant for? Bolster Paddles promote an early vertical forearm position using the entire forearm and hand during the pull. The paddles encourage a high elbow which helps make your stroke more efficient.

What other benefits does the Bolster Paddle give? The Bolster Paddles are good if you want to build upper body strength because the wide paddle creates resistance through the pull. Long term use of the bolster paddle will improve entry, catch technique, pull strength, endurance, and recovery.

Which strokes can it be used for? It can be used for all four strokes.


Forearm Fulcrum

What is the Forearm Fulcrum used for? It is designed to help you achieve early vertical forearm position which will help correct your stroke and increase stroke efficiency. If you want something that will improve and refine the technique of your stroke then the Forearm Fulcrum is your best choice.

What strokes is it meant for? The Forearm Fulcrum is beneficial to all four strokes.

Why is it shaped the way it is? The shape helps lock your hand, wrist and forearm into the correct position to maintain a strong pull and not allow your wrist to break. It is easy on the shoulders and does not create extra resistance.

Is it just meant for adults? No, we have a Forearm Fulcrum Senior and Junior so that all people can benefit from the Forearm Fulcrum.


Freestyle Paddle

What is this hand paddle best for? As its name indicates it is specially designed for freestyle training. It helps to improve reach and helps you get farther with each stroke. This means less strokes and more energy for a longer swim.

What is the skeg design? The skeg is the fin on the underside of the paddle. It helps streamline and straighten hand entry creating a more perfectly straight stroke.

What are the benefits of the Freestyler? It promotes a strong pull through, better hip rotation, and a more efficient swim. Since it is a relatively narrow paddle it should prevent shoulder strain. It also has instant stroke feedback, meaning that if your hand enters the water incorrectly the paddle will rotate and straighten itself, teaching you the proper entry-angle. It also helps you reach forward and glide upon entry, which is important for maximizing your distance-per-stroke and getting a strong rotation and pull-phase. If you don't get a high-elbow recovery (which sets you up for a strong entry on the next stroke), the paddle may be pulled off by the water, giving you feedback throughout your stroke for constant improvement.

Does using the paddle create much resistance or drag in the water? The patented surfboard like design decreases resistance and helps lengthen the stroke. It also eliminates crossover which often causes drag.

Is the Freestyle Paddle just for adults? No, they come in both junior and adult size.

Swim Teaching Platform (STP)

How much weight can it hold? The STP 1200mm is designed to withstand the weight of 600 lbs. Recommended for classes with 3 to 4 children per side. While the STP 1800mm is designed to withstand the weight of 1,200 lbs. Recommended for classes with 5 to 6 children per side.

What are the overall dimensions of the STP?

1.2m: 3'11” l x 3'7” w x 5'11” h (standard) 1.8m: 5'11” l x 3'7” w x 5'11” h (Standard)

The platform is 3/16”-thick molded vinyl-ester chlorine resistant fiberglass with a textured surface. The standard length for the handrail and legs are 31” long. Actual height will vary depending on your pool depth. Instructions include easy-to-use chart for pool-depth to leg-height cut conversions.

Can it be used in deeper water? Yes. The 1.8m Platform can be used in water up to 6 feet deep, but requires a deep-water kit containing longer leg pieces. It is recommended that multiple platforms are linked together for added stability when in water deeper than 5 feet.

Can the handrail be set at the perimeter instead of the center? Yes. Most pools have a standard slope to the bottom as they get gradually deeper. It is not a problem to use the platform in this setting. You will see that the handrail will be below or at the water line at one end and above the water line at the other end, but the children will still have a stable platform to stand on. If your pool has a very steep slope, we would not recommend using the platform on the sloped bottom.

Can the platform be used in a vinyl-lined pool? Yes. The platform is designed so that it is easy-to-move and gentle on your pool-bottom. The PVC pieces that create the base have a soft strip that pads it. Many swim schools have used these in vinyl-lined pools without any problems. Care should be used and the wheels should be engaged for moving the platform across the pool bottom.

What ages is the platform recommended for? The platform is designed so that the handrail can be used at the standard height for children ages 4-7 years. The handrail and legs can be cut to accommodate toddlers under 4 years. If you would like to use this for babies under 4 years, cut 1'2” from the handrail pieces prior to cutting the leg pieces. Add 1'2” to the leg height prior to cutting. This will raise the platform and shorten the distance from the platform to the surface of the water and handrail for shorter children.



What is the height of the Turnmaster Pro? The height is 1140mm (45 inches) and this height is the same for all available width sizes.

My pool is pretty shallow at one end, so how deep does the Turnmaster Pro need to sit in the water? The Turnmaster Pro needs more than 900mm (35 inches) of water depth to be off the bottom and floating. The typical waterline on the Turnmaster Pro is 850mm (33.5 inches) from the bottom of the wheels.

What size Turnmaster Pro will fit my lane best? Measure the width of your lane from wire to wire (middle of the lane rope). We carry four sizes (2.05m, 2.2m, 2.35m, and 2.5m). These sizes should cover most all lane widths. Typically you want your Turnmaster Pro size to be within 75mm (3 inches) of your actual lane width. The lane ropes will move laterally to fit the Turnmaster Pro, and once the device is installed the lane width will remain fairly constant.

Can I build a custom Turnmaster Pro? We do not offer custom sizing on the Turnmaster Pro.


Swim Mirror

Can I leave my Swim Mirror in the pool full time? We recommend that you remove the Swim Mirror after every use and rinse with fresh water to maintain optical clarity and prevent corrosion from pool chemicals.

Will one swim mirror work per lane? We suggest at least three mirrors at a time for full stroke cycle viewing.

Freestyle Snorkel

How does the Freestyle Snorkel vary from the Swimmer's Snorkel? The freestyle snorkel can only be used for freestyle, as it is designed to help the freestyle swimmer achieve a perfect body alignment starting with a low head position. It's unique shape promotes the proper low head position -in-line with the body and facing the bottom of the pool. It is more challenging to use than the swimmer's snorkel, but good for fine-tuning the body position of elite swimmers. If the swimmer looks up/forward, the snorkel tube dips into the water giving negative feedback to the swimmer as this puts your body out of alignment for perfect swimming.

Why is it curved differently? This promotes proper head position which is keeping the eyes down.

What other benefits does the freestyle snorkel provide? It helps increase aerobic capacity, stays in place while swimming and during flip turns, and allows the swimmer to focus on their swim and not their breathing.

Will using the snorkel increase the drag? No, it has a streamlined design to reduce drag.

Does it move around a lot when I'm swimming quickly? The rubber collar on the head bracket keeps the snorkel during a fast swim.


Swimmer's Snorkel

How does the Swimmer's Snorkel benefit you in fitness training? The Swimmer's Snorkel allows you to focus more on your stroke technique instead of worrying about turning your head to breathe. The snorkel is center mounted to reduce drag and not interfere with your stroke.

What other benefits does the Swimmer's Snorkel provide? It helps increase aerobic capacity, stays in place during any stroke including flip turns, and allows the swimmer to focus on their swim and not their breathing.

How can I get a better workout with the Swimmer's Snorkel? You can get a better workout with your Swimmer's Snorkel by adding the Cardio Cap to the top. The Cardio Cap is used for hypoxic training. It increases the ability of muscles to work better when oxygen levels are low (simulating elevation-training). Basically, it makes breathing a bit more difficult to help build cardiac strength.

What are the overall benefits of using the Cardio Cap? Using the Cardio Cap increases the amount of red blood cells and hemoglobin, increases lung workout load by 40%, strengthens intercostal muscles by forced inhalation and exhalation, teaches a deeper breathing technique for high anxiety swimming scenarios and more. It provides a safe air supply to prevent shallow-water blackouts. Do not modify the snorkel to restrict airflow in other ways for your safety.

Is the Swimmer's Snorkel suitable for children/young teens? We do not recommend using the normal Swimmer's Snorkels for children. We have a Youth Swimmer's Snorkel and a Swimmer's Snorkel Junior that are more suitable for them.

What age is the Youth Swimmer's Snorkel meant for? What age is the Swimmer's Snorkel Junior meant for? Youth: 4-9 years, Junior: 8-12 years The Youth Swimmer's Snorkel has a smaller mouthpiece and shorter tube. The Swimmer's Snorkel Junior has a shorter tube.

Will using the snorkel increase the drag? No, it has a streamlined design to reduce drag.

Does it move around a lot when I'm swimming quickly? The rubber collar on the head bracket keeps the snorkel during a fast swim.


Glide Snorkel

I swim on a regular basis but I never do flipturns, what's the right snorkel for me? The Glide Snorkel is a perfect snorkel for the fitness swimmer that does not do flipturns. The lightweight construction, vibrant colors, and ease of use make the Glide Snorkel the perfect tool for the fitness swimmers equipment bag.

What's the difference between the Glide Snorkel and Swimmer's Snorkel? The Glide Snorkel is a simpler design, eliminating the Purge Valve. The Glide is ideal for fitness or team swimmers that do not do flipturns, or do not have issues clearing water through the top of the tube instead of the Purge Valve.

Water gets in the mouth piece of my Glide snorkel even when I don't do flipturns, is something wrong with my Glide? It's unlikely that water is entering the snorkel from the top. Try closing your mouth more tightly around the mouthpiece.

Will using the snorkel increase the drag? No, it has a streamlined design to reduce drag.

Does it move around a lot when I'm swimming quickly? The rubber collar on the head bracket keeps the snorkel during a fast swim.

What sizes are Swim Diapers available in? Swim Diapers come in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3T, and 4T. Are they true to size? Yes, our diapers are true to size. Sizing Tips: Our sizing allows for many sizes with small incremental changes from one size to the next. This ensures that you can get a diaper that will work effectively and feel comfortable for the baby/toddler. You do not have to size-down to ensure no-leaks. The size range and breakdown allows parents to choose a diaper that contains solid waste and is comfortable. Diapers should be snug at the waist and legs, but not cutting-in. Babies and toddlers come in all sizes and shapes, so please use your best judgment if your baby's age/weight ratio differ significantly from the averages in our Size Chart. Unfortunately, one baby that is 6 months old might be a very different size (length, weight, and overall size) than another baby that is the same age. Fitting diapers really works best when taking into account three factors:

1. Age – according to the size chart 2. Weight – according to the size chart 3. “Growth Stage”

First, look at the actual age and weight of the baby and see where the size chart puts them. If the age says they should wear a M, but the weight says they should be a L, then you will probably need a L. Then look at the baby's “growth stage.” Most of the time as babies grow they go through cycles – they might put on a little weight (making their legs/waist thicker), and then have a growth spurt growing taller and becoming slimmer. Depending on what stage the baby is in, you may need to size up. You want the diaper to be snug at the waist and leg openings (no gaps between skin and fabric when baby moves), but you should still be able to easily slide your finger between the skin and fabric. If your baby is currently in the “tall/slim” stage, go with the size on the size chart that best matches your baby's weight and age, whereas if your baby is in a “growth/thicker” you may need to go up to the next size for comfort. Please keep in mind that a loose-fitting diaper is completely ineffective and that your baby should never swim if he/she is experiencing diarrhea. What colors do they come in? We offer Swim Diapers in Pink Bubble, Flower Power, Blue Octopus, Shark Camo, Tropical Fish, Solid Pink. Solid Blue, and Solid Lime Green. How do they work and how durable are they? Our swim diapers are made from a polyester outer shell and soft nylon inner lining. The outer shell is tightly woven polyester with a plasticized layer to prevent leaks. The diapers are high-quality materials so they do not stretch out or fade. They will usually last a full season or until the child outgrows them (depending on frequency of use and pool water chemistry). You should hand-wash in cool water and allow to air-dry after each use. For best durability, do not store wet or outside and never put them in your clothes dryer. Are they comfortable? Yes! They are very comfortable for babies and toddlers. The soft inner-lining ensures they are gentle on babies skin. All our children's products are CPSIA certified. Do you need to wear a disposable diaper with the swim diaper? No disposable diaper is needed with the swim diaper. The snug elastic around the waist and legs creates a secure fit to contain solid waste. Fluids will not be absorbed or held in the diaper, as this negatively affects the baby/toddler's buoyancy/safety in the water, so please keep this in mind when planning your swimming day. How do you wash the Swim Diaper? Hand wash only and hang dry. Is there UPF Protection? Our Swim Diapers have UPF 50+ protection, but we always recommend frequent sunscreen application to children.

Aqua Tuff Suits

What material is used? It is built with Italian polyester with the AquaTuff Technology to provide against sun and chlorine damage, while providing ideal stretch, comfort, and support. The fabric is 53% Polyester and 47% PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate - another fabric form of polyester). Is it comfortable? These suits provide great comfort. It is our most comfortable suit we make! What colors do they come in? They come in navy blue, black, and royal blue.

Thermal Shirts

Does the thermal shirt decrease range of motion while swimming? No it does not. The material stretches and does not limit the range of motion while swimming. Does it work well in open water? Yes, it works great while in open water swims. It helps control body temperature and keeps all the heat in.

Drag Suits

Should I wear it by itself? No, this suit is designed to be worn on top of a swimming suit. Suitable for both men and women Is the Ultimate Drag Suit an actual swimsuit? No, it is meant to be worn over your swimsuit, not instead of. How does the Ultimate Drag Suit work? The Ultimate Drag Suit is designed with cups integrated into the design to increase resistance. The cups capture water making you have to work harder to maintain those fast strokes. It will build endurance and muscle. When the suit is removed you will notice a difference in speed and stroke rate. Can both men and women use it? Yes, it comes in universal sizing.

Zoomer Gold

How does the Gold Zoomer compare to my old Red (or) Blue Zoomers? The gold is a hybrid between the softer rubber of the Blue Zoomer and the pure performance of the Red Zoomer.

What's the different between the Zoomer Gold and Z2 Zoomer Gold? The Zoomer Gold is a more traditional short bladed fin, it favors a Quadricep heavy kicker and is an easier fin to achieve fast swimming. The Z2 Zoomer Gold produces a more fluid and even kick. The Flex Box provides for a more Hamstring/Glute focused kicking experience for less experienced and expert swimmers alike.


Kid Finz

What is this fin used for? This is a nice basic kids fin - it is good for increasing propulsion and building confidence. The fin is polyvinyl, so it has a slightly stiffer, more plastic feel in the water. It is good for basics and the price point is nice. It has a Velcro strap which is quick to adjust.


Fishtail Fins

What is this fin used for? These fins are made of rubber and have snaps on the ankles. They are neutrally buoyant, so they will not float or sink. The rubber flexes more naturally in water than a stiffer plastic and the rubber is softer and gentler on the skin. The snaps are nice because once you put them on they stay adjusted and don't slip. Even the smallest movements are rewarded with forward propulsion, so these are good for encouraging the child to kick.


PDF Fins

Can you really use this fin for all four strokes? Yes, the short rounded blade allows for a full toes out breaststroke kick. Make sure to warm up before using this fin for any high effort training.

Can I use PDF's for my regular breaststroke training? It's not recommended to use the PDF during all breaststroke training but as a supplement to shorter breaststroke intervals and Individual Medley training.

How do I orient the PDF while putting the fin on? Make sure to have the wider flange of the PDF on the outside of either foot when putting the fin on.

Is the PDF a paddle? No, it is the ONLY four stroke fin on the market.